BKK Ultimate Single Assist Lure Fishing Hook LONE SNIPER

The BKK LONESNINPER is an inline single hook especially developed for freshwater and saltwater inshore applications.
Special ring technology results in a smaller section that makes fitting split rings simpler and quicker.
Super-Slide coating enhances the penetration ability of the hook by its extremely low friction capabilities. In practical testing it can penetrate fish’s with a little bit of power,however due to its low coefficient of friction,the adherence of the bait on the hook is not optimal.
Although Super-Slide is somewhat corrosion resistant,it is best used on single hooks and trebles for freshwater application.
BKK Proprietary Hyper Carbon Steel wire -25% stronger and 30% harder than traditional high carbon steels, enables the structure to achieve unprecedented levels of performance.
The hook design is inspired by one ofthe best single hooks BKK ever launched: the BKK-LONEDIABLO.
The profile has been designed to optimize the hook up rate while minimizing the chance of pulled hooks.

BKK has been manufacturing
cutting-edge fishing hooks since 1856.
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