Terms & Conditions

Terms and conditions apply to customers whose residence is located on the Croatian territory. Of course that we deliver goods outside the Croatian territory, but in this case you have to negotiate the terms of delivery by contacting us at email address [email protected] The buyer can be any age and legally competent person who accepts our terms and conditions, as confirmed by ordering items. The buyer accepts general terms and conditions in order to purchase items through this webshop. Prices for the Croatian market are expressed in kuna and include VAT. The procedure and conditions of business (buying and selling) of goods via the internet Maguro Pro Shop stores are defined by the following parameters: customer registration, ordering, payment, delivery, recovery and reclamation of goods. The supplier of the goods is Maguro d.o.o. Buyer is any person who order at least one product and fill in the requested information during registration. Maguro d.o.o. allows you to buy the entire range of merchandise displayed on the website www.maguro-pro-shop.com. Photos displayed on Maguro Pro Shop-in are only illustrative. Photos, texts and other material may not be published, sold, publicly or privately publish or in any other way without the consent of the company Maguro d.o.o. Any breach of the conditions of the preceding paragraphs of this Article shall entail responsibility and obligation of non-pecuniary damage. Company Maguro d.o.o. retains all copyrights to use photos, text, and other published materials, in terms of positive legislation in the Republic of Croatia.


To register on Maguro Pro Shop online store, you must be at least 18 years old. Contract on behalf of juveniles or completely business incapable person may conclude only by their legal representatives, and partial legal capacity may enter into an agreement only with the consent of their legal guardian. During the first orders of products through an electronic form, it is necessary to register on the website www.maguro-pro-shop.com. After a successful registration (properly completed all the required information), you will receive an e-mail notification about your user name and password you entered during registration. Please store it so that it is not accessible to third parties. If you forgot your password, please send mail to which we will send you a new password. With selected username and password and entering all the required data you become our registered user. As a registered user you can freely buy in our web shop, receive news, be notified of updates and use all the services of our internet store.


Customer orders products through electronic order form. Products are ordered electronically, by selecting a specific product and saving it in the cart. After selection of the desired product by clicking the link checkout, the system automatically takes you further to the pages where you have to confirm the accuracy of the data entered and choose one of the payment options. If you choose online payment cards, the system redirects you to a secure page where you select the type of card and will ask other necessary data. Once we receive your order you will receive an e-mail with proof of successfully completed order or purchase, depending on the payment method.


In Maguro web shop you can pay in the following ways:

We inform users of Internet commerce that all the banks in the Republic of Croatia issue revolving cards that allow payment in installments, and customer decides about choosing the card and number of installments, depending on their credit card.

Return and replacement

The buyer has the right to return the goods in the following cases:

The buyer also has the right to to cancel the contract in accordance with Article 45 of Law on Consumer Protection. The buyer has no right to cancel the Contract if it is a product that the buyer unpacked. Items being returned must be complete, in original packaging with all parts, accessories, and documentation. The buyer can not claim a breach of contract for the ordered product which is based on its specifications ordered from the manufacturer and / or importer, and the same should produce (not a standard product manufacturer and / or importer holds in stock) on which the Buyer has notified the Seller and the same has already produced and shipped Vendor and its delivery or production Seller can not be repealed. This is only referring to products with delivery period of 7-14 working days or if buyer is ordering them for their personal needs. The buyer is obliged to return the products at their own expense to: Returns, Maguro Ltd., Savska cesta 159, 10000 Zagreb.