X-PARAGON Fishing Lure Attractant Stick LURE BOOSTER 22ml

Lure Booster is a high quality lure attractant. It specializes at covering human and other types of scents from your lures, silicone baits and even metal jigs. On top of that it also enhances the efficiency and productivity of your lures with the added pheremones and amino acids. While fishing with a Lure booster you produce a trail of scents and attractants within your cast range and fishing depth. There is an average covering power of 20-30 minutes regardless of cast count. Each different flavor targets different fish, depending on the season. Lure Booster is available in a “lipstick” packaging of 22mle and 10 different flavors.

Perfect For Egging, Jigging,Slow pitch,Spinning,Lrf,Tai rubber,Trout Area, e.t.c

Stick 22ml/22g/0.78oz


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