VARIVAS Premium Quality X8 Braid Line Avani Jigging 10×10 MAX POWER 300m

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VARIVAS Premium Quality X8 Braid Line Avani Jigging 10×10 MAX POWER 300m

Ultimate strength with extreme thinness.
Created with VARIVAS x8 braided Max Power fibers.
We present you, VARIVAS original 10m x 10 colors jigging line:
Uses the VARIVAS x8 braided Max Power fibers for its material. Ultra-durable and as thin as a line can be, this line will support the angler to explore the infinite world of fishing.
The angler can accurately aim his jig for the target zone with the VARIVAS original 10m x 10 color system.
The special coating provides silky smoothness and incredible durability that could never have been achieved by a PE line in the past.
Includes a Color-Range chart sticker to identify the hit range at a glance.
Comes with a handy sticker for identifying the sizes. Great for sticking on reels.
Made in JAPAN

Ultimately strong & extremely thinner 8-strand braids for jigging fishing.
10×10 color system (every 10M of 10 colors) adopted for exact line out measurement.
Capable to lead fishing bait and jig toward right depth range quickly
Super smooth surface and astounding wear resistance due to special silky line coding.

Color: 10m x 10 Multi colors (Marking Line)
300m spool

VARIVAS is a premier brand of high-performance fishing lines and gear for serious anglers. VARIVAS is a leader in engineering and innovation. Driven by putting “Angler’s First” for over 40 years, VARIVAS integrates trends and feedback from the field with advanced materials technology. Globally recognized, VARIVAS products provide the strength, performance, and functionality that anglers want.
The VARIVAS is one of 27 companies that have officially agreed to uphold rules and standards specified by the JAFS standard. The pride of our quality is essential to VARIVAS for building Angler’s trust.
With VARIVAS products, you can always trust the markings including the size, diameter of the line and weight capacity.