NS BLACK HOLE Allround Power Casting Combo Rod/Reel/Braid Line

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NS BLACK HOLE Allround Power Casting Combo Rod/Reel/Braid Line

From tuna in saltwater to catfish and hucho hucho fish in freshwater,this combo is fishing gear what you can rely on.
Easy to carry but powerful fighting weapon.630$Normal Price/Now 530$.
Limited quantitie for this price!!!!Take it or leave it.

Power Casting Combo include:

1.NS BLACK HOLE Allround Heavy Duty Telescopic Rod PIONEER POWER CASTING

All-round custom telescopic reel rod!
You can fish yellow tail, tuna with this rod on shore and boat. we planned telescopic type for carrier on theplane.Closed length is just 97cm(PC330S), the other model is more shorter than it. Also as we wrap the whole blank with WXW carbon fiber, it prevents torsional phenomenon from occuring in casting and reeling and guides from turnning and falling out when you cast powerfully. Beginers can enjoy stable fishing with grib length and guide system which were tested repetitively by our feild testers in field for long time.

PC310S (Grip 434mm)
It has the most ideal action for casting fishing with strong waist power and elasticity. It has excellent blank repulsive power and balance, which allows small women or anglers can make casting without difficulties. A surf rod with longer than 3.6m is less accurate while 310 Model has excellent precision of casting. It can attack a variety of target fishes with a wide range of tackles with 60-100g weight (Max sinker load: Size 30).

Length 3.10m
Closed length 93cm
Section 4
Weight 335
Top/Bottom (mm) 2.38/21.4
Lure weight g/(Max g) 60-110 (120)
PE Line 3-6
Quide 13
Grip (mm) 320
Material Carbon 97%

Secure Long Casting Distance by Adopting FUJI PMNSG 40 Pai Butt Guide
Reel Seat Optimized to FUJI DPSM Power Casting Game
Guide Rotating Prevention System
Whole Blank Reinforced by WXW Fibre (Except for Tip Top)
Rod sock included.

NS Rods Black Hole are leading Korean Rod Manufacturer.

2.NS BLACK HOLE Saltwater Extreme Hi Gear Spinning Reel IGNITION SW 6000HG

Overwhelming power, extreme durability, and absolute strength faithful to the basics were created.
Double frame reinforced rotor
Targeted fish can be subdued without shakiness of rotor even when strong load is applied.
Lineholder / STS Lineholder (No.6000~7000)
Adopting the line holder made from highly durable plastic/STS, it reduced abrasion and damage that may be caused by prolonged use.
Inclined spool edge
Spool edge, processed to be inclining, enables the line discharge without disruption and increases driving distance.
Round EVA power knob (corresponding to No. 4000~7000)
Adopting the round-shaped power knob preferred the most by the Korean, it provides optimal grip on the material made from premium EVA.
Carbon drag pad adoption
Adopting the carbon drag pad, it ensures strong drag power and extends the life of drag pad.
Double cam gear
Adopting the double cam gear which was rare previously, the targeted fish can be subdued safely with powerful pulling force(drag force).

SW 6000HG
Gear Ratio:5.6:1
Ball Bearings:9+1
Retrieve Rate:103cm
Braid Line Capacity:PE2.0/300m,PE3.0/270m,PE4.0/250m
Mono Line Capacity:4.0/230m,5.0/170m.6.0/150m
Reel weight:472g
Knob Type:Round
Max Drag:11kg


J-Braid line is a complete line up of high quality 8 carrier braid made of the finest materials from Japan. 8 Strands of tightly woven fibers makes for a perfectly round profile. The result is a much stronger, softer and smoother line that is more sensitive and farther casting. J-Braid is one of the best quality and value braided lines on the market.

For deep drop fishing. Color changes every 10 meters for easy depth indication, line movement, and quick programing into Dendoh reel memory for maximum readout accuracy.
Made in JAPAN.



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