MAJOR CRAFT Ultra Light Fishing Jig Head JIGPARA AJI

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MAJOR CRAFT Ultra Light Fishing Jig Head JIGPARA AJI
The Jigpara Head Ajing Jig Heads from Major Craft have been manufactured for very specific fishing techniques, in this case they were born to catch horse mackerel in the ultralight spinning mode, called “Ajing”. From the flattened design of its sides, we deduce that the Major Craft JigPara Head Aji works mainly in vertical movements, pauses, descents and ascents, describing a slight zig-zag from top to bottom, where we must be alert to the delicate bites of the horse mackerel.
The JigPara Head Aji by Major Craft has a fluorescent ball on the hook leg, it has two functions, it holds the vinyl a little more and also, with the “clear” models, transparent, it adds a light point in the middle of the body, which it is surely helpful during dark nights.
The JigPara Head Aji by Major Craft is ideal to pair with the Paraworm vinyls by Major Carft or any finesse soft bait lure and that will be a guarantee of success.
AJI Jig Head works perfect in freshwater too for trout,perch,etc…
MAJOR CRAFT world leading rod manufacturer.
Major Craft rods are manufactured from superior materials using modern technology and abundant experience. 
And the incomparable quality and reasonable price are characteristics of every products we produce. 
The carbon material is imported from Japan. It’s Mitsubishi Rayon & Toray makes. 
All guides we use are Japanese Fuji guide. 
The coating material & thread also are imported from Japan. 
Only Major Craft Vietnam make the straight blanks.


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