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MAJOR CRAFT Slow Jigging Metal Lure Jigpara Vertical Long Slow 400g Red

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MAJOR CRAFT Slow Jigging Metal Lure Jigpara Vertical Long Slow 400g Red

The future of Slow Jigging seems to use longer lures, almost like in Vertical Jigging.
A basic reason is the less contamination they have on the seabed especially in the very deep waters, as well as their quickest fall by easily dealing with any currents.
We can also play them a bit faster than a classic short Slow Pitch jig,that will make the fish more attackable in fear of losing the easy prey,but also when targeting pelagic species.
Major Craft, like other major companies, also saw this new technique by listening to the fishermen who wanted improve Slow Jigging and use long shape jig lure.
Colors are from very durable paint for the marine environment and very bright to be instantly perceived by long distances.Each side have different paint design.
At their back you will find a countryside like a keel along the plan, giving you a very special cruise, both during its hit and when it drops to the bottom.
Central balance design
Asymetry body
Jig come unrigged.We strongly recommend to arm the jig with
Major Craft ZOC double assist hooks on front and rear of the lure.

Lure weight:400g
Lure length:230mm


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