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MAJOR CRAFT Heavy Jig Head Jigpara BUN DART Type

49,00 Kn59,00 Kn Incl. VAT

Tax free: 39,20 Kn for customers outside of European Union

MAJOR CRAFT Heavy Jig Head Jigpara BUN DART Type

Major Craft Jigpara heads used with Jigpara Worm or any other soft bait lures are the perfect match made in heaven.
This form of leaded head presents your soft lure flat, it offers a good penetration in the water and gives a gliding effect during the descent.
Soft Dart Action – Delta head shape that can easily produce dart action.
Slow fall after darting.
Aditional wired assist triple hook on the belly.

This quality product come from biggest Japanese rod & lure manufacturer,companie Major Craft. They are most known for hi quality product and unbeatable competetive prices.

2 per pack
Each Jig Head have weight mark.


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