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LITTLE JACK Saltwater Casting Pencil Lure FORMA HEADS 105mm/52g

179,00 Kn Incl. VAT

Tax free: 143,20 Kn for customers outside of European Union

LITTLE JACK Saltwater Casting Pencil Lure FORMA HEADS 105mm/52g

Retrieve, jerk, skipping. Respond to Angler’s technique.
Forma HEADS is a sinking pencil which is a wire penetrating body that responds to Angler’s technique. The flat head grabs water, and the adjusted weight balance ensures reliable swimming action and flat action with jerk. Responds firmly to angler operations such as offshore skipping action. In addition, the inverted triangle body realizes a beautiful horizontal fall vibe action when retrieve and jarking and falling. It has high standard performance that can be used in various fields such as shore, offshore, and rock shore. In addition, it is possible to fight with a monster, because the body is a wire penetration, and mount a large hook.

Lure length:105mm
Lure weight:52g
Armed with #2 rear and belly treble hooks.


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