Gaby Fish Pillow, Decoration and Toy The Barramundi 95cm

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Gaby Fish Pillow, Decoration and Toy The Barramundi 95cm

Perfect gift,toy,man cave decoration,pillow..

These are unique toys for kids 3 to 103 and are very different from anything available on store shelves today; they are something that has never been seen before! GABY products aren’t just another set of teddy bears, they are true representations of some of the world’s most beautiful fish.

And of course, all our products are entirely made in Poland according to the highest standards – they have to be good enough for all our kids!

Gaby toys/pillows have undergone rigorous laboratory tests performed by SGS in the UK for compliance with applicable safety standards of toys EN 71.

Barramundi are a member of the Latidae family. They are catadromous fish, being born in saltwater while living most of their lives in fresh or brackish water. The species is found mostly in Australia, South-East Asia and in places of the Pacific Ocean. While Barramundi can be found in saltwater they prefer rivers, lagoons and estuaries. Nearly all Barramundi are born as males and some turn into females between 3-4 years of age. They feed primarily on fish, insects and small aquatic animals. It is a prized fish amongst anglers and a popular species in today’s fish farming industry


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