BKK Ultimate Ultra Anti Rast Giant Treble Assist Hook GT-REX

BKK Ultimate Ultra Anti Rast Giant Treble Assist Hook GT-REX
BKK Ultimate Ultra Anti Rast Giant Treble Assist Hook GT-REX
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BKK Ultimate Ultra Anti Rast Giant Treble Assist Hook GT-REX

The purpose of BKK's development of the GT-REX was to challenge the Biggest fish in the world using a topwater approach. The design of the GT-REX emphasises superior hook penetration and impaling power equipped with the strongest materials and an Ultra Anti Rust coating.
GT-REX 6071-7X-HG treble hooks combine the strongest material we’ve got (BKK-81WV) and superior heat treatment technology to achieve ground breaking hook strength and performance.
It is an extremely strong and resilient hook that features: 1.Short welded ring eye section increases elasticity of the hook to reduce its possibility of being pulled open.Fully welded Micro Ring is formed once the hook shank has underhine a special grinding process.The strength of the ring is maintained while providing a slim profile that makes attaching a split ring super easy.
2.Ultra AntiRust coating
3.Industry deepest hook point and widest hook gap for a treble help attach the hook to fish when bite,
4.Perfectly curved hook maximizes strength and resilence.
5.BKK’s proud hook point processing technology and  meticulously sharpened and polished by hand insures the ultimate impaling power.
GT-REX’s super sharp hook point goes into the deepest part of fish’s mouth and impales its hard bones as soon as the fish swallows the lure.
The combination of curved hook point and wide hook gap maximize giant’s chances of escape.
This is THE expedition hook species hunters around the world have been waiting for!

Caution:Do not store BKK hooks with Ultra AntiRust coating together with lead!

Black King Kong,with hundred-year tradition of making fishing hooks.
Nowadays,BKK invested tens of millions in importing equipment from Japan,and sent people to learn know-how from Japan. Every and each hook BKK make contains expertise of 200 craftsmen,completely concentrated with 100% excellent workmanship.Recently,BKK products are being exported back to Japan,the land marking fishing hardware.
No matter how much effort BKK invested;no matter how many materials experimented,what won’t change is the best quality that Black King Kong is pursuing.
BKK believe that this marks respect and honor to all fishermen who aspire to freedom and happiness in fishing, and that this marks the wonderful dream that Black King Kong is after as a hundred-year-old enterprise.

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