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Impressions: A cedar plug is a "must have" when targeting tuna and king mackerel, and anglers can take advantage of a wide selection of these lures positioned at all quality levels. 
Field Tests: A cedar plug is a very versatile lure and can be used to troll for tuna, kingfish, sailfish, and much more. We geared up with heavy tackle and put the plug up against Albacore tuna far offshore in the Pacific Ocean.
Trolling: As we trolled it behind our Boston Whaler it took the furthest rear position in our spread. Experienced trollers know why, if you've ran a similar style plug before you know this lure simply goes wild in the water, and that's exactly the action you require when targeting these species of fish in the deep clear blue water. The RIPPER Cedar Plug will dart erratically in every direction, and when trolling at the proper speed the lure will stay close to the surface.
So lets get down to it, will the this RIPPER Cedar plug catch you more fish compared to others? The answer is both yes and no. There are days when the bite is wide open and a unfinished cedar plug will do just fine. But the Ripper Cedar plug can be more effective when the bite is slow, and fish are finicky. Fish like tuna have sizeable eyes, and they use their excellent vision to feed. 

Lure is rigged but if targeting bigger fish,please,change leader. 

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