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The T-JERK is a 117mm jerkbait created for and fresh saltwater fishing. It’s an innovative and versatile concept lure developed to perfectly imitate the movement of the prey fish escaping from predators. The results obtained from our technicians is a perfect combination of volumes, shape and internal weights disposition, something that gives the T-JERK double action: "suspending" in salt water and "slow sinking" in fresh water, both actions which are very important features that will enhance fishing performance. This lure is constructed with high quality raw components, glass rattles for a louder noise, premium fresh and saltwater treble hooks, durable double coat finishing. Specifications: Suspending – 11.7 cm. Dept Range: 0.50 - 1,0 mt. Weight: 19 gm. Rod Suggested: Fast action 6’6’’ to 7’8’’ length Line Suggested: 12 to 25 lbs Fluorocarbon 15 to 30 lbs PE Line

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