Frenzy Angry Popper 100gr

Frenzy Angry Popper 100gr
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Cast It

Approach schools of feeding gamefish or floatsam from the up-wind side, maintaining a good amount of distance to avoid spooking wary fish. Use the weight of the Angry Popper to throw your bait far from the boat and into the strike zone. When retrieving, hold your rod tip high and use a fast scurrying motion across the surface. Maintain a slow, steady crank with the reel so that tension is always maintained on your bait to aid in solid hook-ups when a strike occurs.

Troll It

Some of our pro staffers have found the Angry Popper to be highly effective as a trolled bait, especially where gamefish have been found to be feeding on flying fish at night. Simply slow troll your popper with rod in hand, creating your own erratic action by pumping the rod. Just Hang On!

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