Tournament Cable Vertical Dead Boat Teasers (Pack of 3)

Tournament Cable Vertical Dead Boat Teasers (Pack of 3)
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Fishing from a dead boat, drifting or anchored, a 3D Vertical Teaser will help draw fish to your offerings. Regardless of what you are after 3D Vertical Teasers will attract and raise them to the boat.....Sharking, Tuna Chunking, Jiiging or Popping there is no limit to the applications or when they can be used.

Vertical Dead Boat Teasers are meant to be suspended in the water column at any depth which proves to be most productive. Attach a weight to the snap swivel and let it out. It is best to fish this teaser from a teaser reel and rigger. The rigger will keep it out away from the boat and the reel will make it much easier to quickly get the teaser out of the way during the end-game. ..A Vertical Teaser is a very simple way to increase your odds!!

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