Scent Blazer Bowling Pin Teaser 30cm

Scent Blazer Bowling Pin Teaser 30cm
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Scent Blazer patented game fishing teasers have water intakes which connect into a large chamber inside the teasers. The teasers screw apart and can easily be loaded with bait, burley or chum.

As the teaser is trolled, the water from the intakes puts pressure on the bait inside which is pushed against the holes on the side of the teaser. The bait and its scent is continually being pushed out through those holes and into the water. In addition to this, little bits of bait break off periodically leaving a trail of bait or chum leading back to the boat.

Scent Blazer bowling pin teasers leave a burley/chum trail which fish can follow to your boat. Add to that the teaser's highly reflective finish along with its aggressive swimming action and you have the ultimate game fishing teaser.

In addition to this you can also add rattles to make them noisy or add balloons to alter the teaser's swimming action. The options are endless.

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