REDIRIG - Instant Downrigger TM

REDIRIG - Instant Downrigger TM
REDIRIG - Instant Downrigger TM
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RediRig Instant Downriggers™ provide the ultimate in depth control! 0 to 200 ft.

RediRig Instant Downriggers are like having a portable downrigger in the palm of your hand, and they’re extremely easy to use. When rigged with various size sinkers, for drifting or trolling, RediRig Instant Downriggers quickly get your baits in the strike zone. The Instant Downrigger releases and slides freely along the line after hooking the fish.

Our first product that allowed us to put our baits in the zone. Fish any depth for any species you favor. Troll at speeds your species prefer, just add the weight necessary to get it to the depth you marked your fish at. If you don't have a fish finder use different weights to find your first strike and switch your other rigs to that weight and your set!

RediRig Instant Downriggers are available in two sizes to accommodate weights from one ounce to three pounds, helping you reach depths up to 200 feet or more.
Use the R175 for weights up to 12 oz. For depths or currents that need more weight see our R250 Instant Downrigger to get you in the strike zone!

Attaches in second anywhere on your line!
Can hold up to one pound of any style weight!
No breaking tying or pegging!
Automatic release!
Slides along line after strikes!

Set baits to any depth and keep them there!!!

Ply the depths for huge Lake Trout and Summer Salmon on Freshwater. Get to those deep monster Stripers, Bluefin and Tuna in saltwater.

2 pcs in package

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