QUICKRIG - Hays Hooks

QUICKRIG - Hays Hooks
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CAPTAIN RODDY HAYS BIG GAME STAINLESS STEEL The shape of the hook retains the advantages of an open gap for "grasping" and an inward conical point allowing quicker and deeper penetration. The ratio of shank to point is perfect for trolling This shape suits both lure draggers and bait chunkers. . CAPTAIN RODDY HAYS chose QUICK RIG CORPORATION ® to hand build his big game hooks because he wants the best. As requested Hays points are EVEN SHARPER! Captain Hays Hooks are sold in packages described below. 3 Pack 8/0 Stainless Steel 1"   2 5/8"             3 Pack 9/0 Stainless Steel 1     1/4" 2 7/8"   3 Pack

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