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Luna Sea LLC was founded and is owned by Mick Saunders, an avid fisherman, who has developed several creative solutions to problems he and other anglers have experienced over the years.

Ever lose a fishing rod overboard? How about a landing net or gaff?
Ever experience pain or bruising from fighting a big fish?
Are fish fighting belts too expensive and cumbersome to be practical?
Do you wish you had an easy way to organize your saltwater and freshwater leaders and leave them rigged?
Want to add more bite sensitivity to any of your fishing rods?
Luna Sea’s products like the Cush-it™, Leader-Mate™, and Ultra Float™ have brought anglers peace of mind, comfort, and more enjoyment to the sport! When you purchase a Luna Sea product, you can be assured that it is a product of the highest quality. Reliability and durability will always be a mainstay with any and all Luna Sea LLC products.

The Cush-it™, by Luna Sea Sports, is an easy, lightweight,  durable, premium foam fishing rod accessory that will:

Float your fishing rod!
Cushion you from your rod butt!
Improve rod sensitivity!
Let’s face it, good fishing rods, reels, line, and tackle are not cheap! So why would you risk your expensive fishing pole and lures going overboard, never to be seen again, when you can easily add this affordable, lightweight, easy on & off premium foam Cush-it to provide comfort and peace of mind… and even improve your fishing!

Inshore and Big Bass Cush-it
The Inshore and the Big Bass Cush-its are made to cushion and float smaller fishing rods for inshore and inland fishing. They are both the exact same size on the exterior, however, the interior of the Inshore Cush-it is smaller than the Big Bass, accommodating different size fishing rod butts. These two models have the same durable qualities as the other models. Due to being made with a type of hyper-sensory material, they offer greater sensitivity for the angler to “feel” what is going on at the end of the fishing pole. These “Cush-its” provide comfort and protection from jigging and repeated, tough hook sets. One of the amazing qualities of these Cush-its is they float your fishing rod! That alone is a great reason to buy yours today!

Inshore Cush-it

The Inshore model fits rods 1 1/8 in or less in diameter and is used by several Elite Pro Fishermen!

Big Bass Cush-it

The Inshore model fits rods 1 1/8 in or larger in diameter.

All of the Cushit models will float your rod. We have not tested every fishing rod, so we don’t guarantee it, but every rod with its appropriate Cushit that we have tried has floated. We have received story after story of favorite fishing rigs being easily retrieved from the water even after an off shore monster pulled the fishing pole off the boat and drug it down into the depths. A few minutes later, up pops the whole rig with the Cushit attached, bobbing on the surface of the water!

We’re very excited about our products! If you have any further questions please contact us. We will be glad to send you our pricing program if you are interested.



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