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It is an ideal machine for loose feeding giant tuna, shark and sword  sh at night, apart from big predatory  sh in drift  shing. It lets you keep on baiting during a  ght and consequently hold back the shoal at your disposal. You do not have to lose your time in the sardine manual throwing or to be imbued with bad smells and all this with a very low current use.
The bait container can be  lled with sardines, either entire or previously cut bait  sh or with both simultaneously.
The machine is equipped with two working functions: “continuous and “timer”. In the “continuous “ function the machine continuously ejects sardines, and thus you can effect the so called “grazing”, by means of your eight knot boat speed, useful to obtain a long wake swiftly, thus increasing your chances to seize a  sh at once.
In case of dead calm, you can alternate the so called grazing with a period of leeway, which will let you scour a wider sea area.
The timer function lets you feed the  sh automatically during the leeway or with your anchored boat.
Thanks to the timer the operator can set up the throwing frequency, of sardi- nes ,one by one from 5 to 55 seconds, while the photocell controls the passa- ge. This way you will get an ideal wake under any conditions of wind or tidal current.
The bait container can contain about 5 Kg. of sardines, thus having about one hour autonomy, depending on the chosen throwing time and the sardine size. A hooter rings when the container is empty.The control box is swiftly detacha- ble for an easy washing of the mechanic part, even by immersion.
COD 200302
The machine is equipped with a plastic support to be ad on the boat
machine can be installed on it by means of a hand wheeler.
In addition, it can also be furnished a support, giving you the possibility to  x the machine on any rod holder.



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