TORO TAMER - Super Braid 1000m

TORO TAMER - Super Braid 1000m
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Toro Tamer SUPER BRAID is made from Gel Spun Polyethylene fibers. We are currently offering this in "solid" form, meaning it does not have a hollow core. For our lightest 30# test we use a four strand line, moving up to 8 strands for our 50#-100# products. We offer the line in uncolored white, brown for inshore fishing and 4 color line for deep water jigging. Our 4 color line changes color every 10 meters (33 feet), so when you see a color repeat you know you've dropped 40 meters (~130 feet). It's our feeling that this is an appropriate way to mark the depth for realistic use. Some firms do a color change every 25 feet, another does so with 10 colors changing every 10 yards...darn hard to keep track of when you are doing drops of 300 feet or more.

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